Fountain Pens 101

Component Names:

  Component Names

How to replace the nib and insert an ink cartridge:


How to insert an ink cartridge:

  • Unscrew the barrel (rear of the pen, opposite end to the cap
  • Insert ink cartridge into rear of nib
  • Push firmly until you feel a ‘pop’
  • Give slight left twist (counter-clockwise)
  • Hold the pen nib down until ink flows, this should only take a few seconds. You can give a gentle shake to assist flow but do not bang the nib on hard surfaces

Changing a nib:

  • Remove the ink
  • If the pen has been inked before, use tissues or gloves
  • Lightly grab nib
  • Unscrew (left twist)
  • Insert new nib
  • Screw in (right twist) until firm, do not let the nib bend or flex

General Fountain Pen advice:
  • Do not store your MIG Fountain Pen with ink in it. This will dry over time and cause the nib to get blocked. Our pens are quite well sealed and I have not had any dry out, even after sitting for 2 weeks horizontally in my desk.

  • If flying, remove a half used ink or insert a brand new, full ink. Store vertically and ensure your cap is on tight. Cabin pressures in aircraft may cause pens to seep so if concerned, remove your ink to be safe.
    In my testing, I did not experience any leaks despite multiple flights with an inked pen stored horizontally in my carry-on luggage.

  • Cleaning as required. There's a few ways to do this thanks to how our pens are made. Option 1, take apart the entire grip section and run under a warm (not hot) tap. Option 2, remove the nib and leave in warm water. Option 3, fill the converter with water and flush water through the nib.

  • Use it! Taking the cap off may not be as seemless as our Bolt Action Pens but this small pause can help you set yourself for whatever you're about to write. It adds a little ceremony before signing that document or crossing off 'do dishes' on that to do list.