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Anodising (or Anodizing for the US) is available only on the MIG Fountain Pen Titanium. I'll be doing each pen as close to the shade of blue in the pictures as possible.

If you also are purchasing a titanium mini kit, we will automatically blue that too (unless you request otherwise).

If you would like a different colour option, please contact us after you place your order.
  • Lifetime Warranty

    Our warranty is simple, if it isn't working or breaks from normal use, we will repair or replace it.

  • Free Touch Up Service

    As local manufacturers, we are able to offer our unique touch up service for all pen purchases, each pen is entitled to one free touch up per year.

  • Australia's Leading Pen Manufacturer

    We are the only company in Australia that can make production quality pens, in bulk, using locally sourced materials.