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Mini Conversion Kit - Fountain Pen

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Turn your full sized Fountain Pen into a Mini Fountain Pen with this kit.

1 x Mini Barrel
1 x 6 pack of Kaweco universal refills
1 x Felt Bag


Specs when in Mini configuration
Length Capped: 96mm (3.77 inch)
Length Uncapped: 85.5 (3.36 inch)
Length Posted: 115.5 mm (4.54)
Weight: Titanium = 22g, Brass = 40g, Black = 40g, Copper = 44g
Ink: Kaweco universal Cartridges only

Makes a normal MIG Fountain Pen 34.5mm shorter!

The kit contains one mini barrel and a pack of Black Kaweco cartridges, all packaged nicely in on of our felt bags.

Simply remove your full size barrel (rear taper section) and put this one on instead!

The cap can be posted for added comfort while maintaining an overall shorter pen.

Requires a MIG Fountain Pen.
Pictures of assembled mini pens for display purposes only.

Brass and Copper are both materials that Patina, your pen may arrive with cosmetic blemishes due to oxidization during transit.

Black Fountain Pens are Titanium Nitride coated Brass. This finish is very hard wearing but can still be scratched if not careful. We chose Brass underneath so any removed coating will create a unique contrast.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Our warranty is simple, if it isn't working or breaks from normal use, we will repair or replace it.

  • Free Touch Up Service

    As local manufacturers, we are able to offer our unique touch up service for all pen purchases, each pen is entitled to one free touch up per year.

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    We are the only company in Australia that can make production quality pens, in bulk, using locally sourced materials.